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The band currently has 34 playing members, juniors and adults, ranging in age from 9 years old, to Life Member, Dennis, aged 91 years young. We are currently looking for Bb bass players to strengthen our bass section, however we are always pleased to welcome any new players who would like to join.

Are you a reasonably competent brass playing musician looking for a band to join? If so, come along and talk to us, have a blow, see what we do, etc. You'll find we are a very friendly and informal bunch of people who will make you very welcome!

If you have learned the basics of playing in earlier years and would like to have another go, come and talk to us, to see what we can do to help. We also have resources for teaching young people - again come and talk to us. We have instruments we can loan out to learners, or to help adults re-start after a number of non-playing years.

Band rehearsals take place on Wednesday evenings at the Broomfield Methodist Church Hall, 124 Main Road, Chelmsford, located on the B.1008 just south of Post Office Road, and on the same side as it. Click on the map below for directions

Rehearsals start at 7.30 until 9.30pm, and prospective members are welcome to turn up and meet the members of the band, to sit and listen-in, or join in and have a blow!

Rehearsals and Joining CSB