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original and traditional pieces arranged for brass bands. Downloadable parts!
Trevor is a composer, arranger and publisher of unusual brass band compositions. Have a listen!

4 Bars Rest
The world's most visited brass website

Internet Bandsman's Everything Within
The complete information resource for brass bands world wide

Brass Band Portal
News and Forum for brass band members and a comprehensive list of Brass Bands on the Internet.

This page contains details of other web sites concerned with brass banding matters, which you may find interesting.
The complete online guide to Chelmsford. with local business listings, community news & events, etc.

Mostyn Music
A site offering a vast amount of music of all types

Alle Breve Music
ABM showcases the music of J. Aaron Stanley, samples of which can be played & downloaded.

Dave Taylor Music
D.T. is an American composer/arranger who allows you to download his music free for a donation